Jacob and Sons

Wood, Acrylic.  16″x17″
Cleveland Jewish Arts and Culture Lab Fellowship
Mandel JCC
Cleveland, OH USA
Spring 2014

The CJAC Lab Fellowship was an amazing experience. 14 artists coming together to learn about the theme of Dreams and Inspirations. Some of the inspiration for this piece comes from the story of Jacob in the Bible. Read below for more.

The Biblical patriarch Jacob falls in love with Rachel and works 7 years for her hand in marriage as a shepherd for her father Lavan – only to find out the next morning that he had been tricked and married her sister Leah instead.  His escape from Lavan’s household was made possible by building his flock of sheep.  Lavan wanted only sheep with no markings and offered those with stripes and spots to Jacob as wages. God and angels come to Jacob in his dreams – God tells him that He will take care of him and he will be father to many and an angel instructs him on breeding sheep with markings. The flock grows and he, his wives, and his children are able to leave.  Each of the 12 tribes that came from Jacob were unique while also part of the whole. In Lavan’s eyes the markings rendered them flawed while in Jacob’s eyes they were the key to an amazing future for the Jewish people.

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