Lake Metroparks FarmPark 2015

Acrylic.  30″x36″
Lake Metroparks FarmPark
Sheep Shearing Days Festival
Artist in Residence
Kirtland, OH USA
Spring 2015

I was so excited at the opportunity to work with the Lake Metroparks FarmPark – a whole new herd of 18 sheep were created as 30″ x 36″ acrylic paintings. Read below for more.

The inspiration for the designs come from the sheep themselves. As I’ve said before, we’ve been brought up to believe that all sheep are white fluffy docile animals – when the truth is that some are and the other 98% make up the almost 1,000 different breeds, and each is an individual as well as being part of the group. Some breeds are more popular, others are specialty breeds, some almost became extinct and efforts are being made to revive the breeds. There are different colors, different kinds of wool, different sizes, personalities that are breed specific and even then, each are individuals.

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